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Why are some of these case studies anonymised? Simply because not everyone wants to be pictured topless on the internet! I am very grateful to my clients that have let me use these photos. I always ask before posting photos of a client and I will always offer for any images used to be made anonymous if a client would rather have their privacy protected 😊

Dave S

Dave S

Dave has not only lost around 10kg during the time we’ve worked together, he’s also added lean muscle and got stronger too! Dave is a great example of someone who still manages to have an active social life whilst continuing to progress.

“If anyone wants to get fitter, lose a bit of weight or become more confident in themselves then I highly recommend James at Onside PT”

Lee Mc

Lee is one of my most consistent (and favourite) clients, he is a demonstration of consistency leading to amazing results with over 14kg lost and counting! Lee fully deserves the massive change he has seen in his health, fitness and weight due to his dedication - not only that but he's a lovely bloke too!

“I have used personal trainers before but have found James to be a perfect balance between holding me to account, which I need, and being understanding when I am not on track. I haven't been been this weight in over a decade and I feel great"


Rob B

When Rob first came to me, he had accomplished a significant amount of weight loss but he wanted some help building muscle and getting stronger. He is now an absolute unit and strong as an ox too, here are his strength increases across the big lifts: deadlift: 80kg > 200kg / back squat: 40kg > 140kg / bench press: 40kg > 120kg - UNREAL progress!

"Since working with James I've been able to pack on a lot of muscle and strength, I'd recommend Onside PT to anyone looking to get better results from their training and nutrition!"

Josh L

Josh was struggling for consistency with his training and nutrition when we first started working together. Since I set him up, he hasn’t looked back and has made incredible progress so far with stripping away fat and adding muscle... whilst moving from 100kg to 175kg on his deadlift!!

"My strength numbers, form and body composition have all improved massively since I’ve started working with JC, he’s provided me with excellent guidance and support”


Jamie S

Jamie is now an absolute unit! He came to me looking for some guidance and advice on training, he’s kicked on to surpass where I thought he’d get to!

“Couldn't be happier working with JC”

Joe P

It’s been a pleasure working with Joe so far – he’s a top man and a savage in the gym! In the time we’ve worked together, Joe has lost weight while getting stronger, developing aerobic fitness and adding power.

“JC has massively helped me with improving in the gym and he keeps me accountable for my nutrition. I'm much leaner, fitter and stronger now than I was before I started!"


Jake R

Jake was new to the gym when we started working together and he has done an amazing job of bulking up and adding lean mass!


“Amazing experience working with JC. Helped me massively with goals, nutrition and training sessions. Well educated on all ‘health’ related things. Tailored plans/exercises for things that I enjoy/don’t enjoy. Consistent/regular/detailed feedback with lots of data!"

James really helped me kick some excess weight and get into a groove of going to the gym, which I'd never really done before, and taking more care over my diet. He has a very grounded approach - no quackery or fads, just solid nutrition and training advice applied to your individual needs and situation. The Onside PT app is really easy to use and it syncs with other fitness and tracking apps which is handy. James is really friendly and encouraging. Obviously online training is different to an in-person PT but I felt that it was more holistic, covering more a lot more than a weekly PT session might. For those looking for a user-friendly training programme with accountability and support as you go, I would certainly recommend James.

Google review by Christopher W

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