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Online Personal Training

Contact now and let me help you achieve your fitness goals and transform your physique through one-to-one bespoke online personal training.

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Welcome to Onside PT! Firstly, I'm James Cowley and I am a personal trainer and nutrition coach.

No doubt you’re here to find out how you can transform your body, health and fitness.

Well, with Onside PT, you’ll benefit from the highly bespoke training and nutrition plans which are built specifically to enable you to reach your targets.

My clients are provided with ongoing guidance, support and accountability to help them to remain consistent, committed and disciplined. With the help of the Onside PT app, you will also be able to complete your training sessions at a time which best suits your schedule.

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Some of my client reviews are below - you can also take a look at some of my client success stories.

"I honestly can't recommend James enough. Not only does he define a routine and goals that are achievable, realistic and inspiring, but he also provides in-depth, regular feedback to assist you on achieving them too!

He offers a truly personal service, and is available whenever I need him for advice and guidance. His weekly content is great for understanding all the aspects of your training, and on top of all that he brings a real positivity to training which is reflected in everything he provides you".

Google review by Sean L

"James really helped me kick some excess weight and get into a groove of going to the gym, which I'd never really done before, and taking more care over my diet. He has a very grounded approach - no quackery or fads, just solid nutrition and training advice applied to your individual needs and situation. The Onside PT app is really easy to use and it syncs with other fitness and tracking apps which is handy. James is really friendly and encouraging. Obviously online training is different to an in-person PT but I felt that it was more holistic, covering more a lot more than a weekly PT session might. For those looking for a user-friendly training programme with accountability and support as you go, I would certainly recommend James".

Google review by Chris W

"Great trainer! I needed some direction and guidance when I started with James at Onside PT, knowing very little about fitness, or what it would take to be fit. Or even what it would take to avoid being overweight.

JC's attention to personal habits and the psychological and physiological affects they have made my journey a much more personalized one, as that was exactly what I needed to know about.

Happy to say that with JC's help, I'm on my way to looking the way I should, at the ripe old age of 30!..

Couldn't recommend enough ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"

Google review by Jake M

Have a look at my reviews on Google here!

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